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Understand your company’s work culture, realize the potential and free the human resources

How does it work?

We make task instructions user-friendly, understandable, and readily available to all.

By aligning task instructions with workflow, by adjusting the design of the message and the language used, we make task instructions supportive, clear and understandable for everybody. Our responsive system ensures that the correct information is delivered in the right place and at the right time. We do this in a manner that is comprehensible to each employee since it is provided in their own language and at the same time taking into account their reading ability.

Remove language barriers

Correctly formatted

Situational awareness

Dyslexia friendly



Health, Environment, and Safety

Make work instructions available to all in a user-friendly and understandable way

A HES system ensures that all related rules and regulations are being followed. The system provides a framework to ensure that a company can accurately report how the required tasks are being followed. Often these systems can be cumbersome and demanding, placing an extra burden on the regular workflow. Discover how we simplify the reporting, transforming HES into an asset which builds efficiency and strengthens the work environment.

The information is available when you need it

Correct information at once, search unnecessary

Universally adapted and language support

Our system delivers value from day 1. We achieve that by focusing on the employees and facilitating smooth and accurate flow of work.


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